Three of them

“You know, pretty soon there will be three of them on scooters.”

Ben said these words to me about a month ago and they have haunted me ever since.

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner, but I am “going to have three of them” doing any number of things at the same time forever.

They are so close in age; I am going to have all three of them in elementary school. I am going to have three of them in middle school. There will be three fishing poles and three who are excited to learn to drive. The three of them will learn how to read and will run through the house together.

All three of their individual personalities will soon be laughing all at once at the same joke. I will listen to three practice the piano and watch as three play their favorite sports. I have three of them to teach how to be independent. At about the same time, as quickly as they all arrived, they will all three be gone.

When I think about the three or so years between the oldest and the youngest and then Ellie, whose development course is unknown, I realize that their lives are going to be intertwined and milestones will inevitably be shared.

Gus and Ellie are already the same size. He is only about three pounds lighter than she is, which is good because I really believe she loves him so much that she might squeeze him to death if he were smaller. Jack and Ellie play pretty well together. She enjoys learning from his creativity and he loves the audience.

Right now, when we go on walks, Jack is on his scooter, Ellie is strapped on the push-behind tricycle and Gus is in the stroller. The goal for these outings is to spend some of the energy that Jack and Ellie have in their seemingly endless tanks.

Jack has been scootering for over a year. He has a helmet. He is good at working the foot break. But I panic the entire time. He shoots off like a rocket up the sidewalk. He stops at the stop signs and driveways, looks both ways and is mostly aware of his surroundings, but he scares me to death. I spend the whole walk yelling for him to slow down or wait on us.

“You know, pretty soon there will be three of them on scooters” is what Ben said to me after I had been barking safety orders to Jack for four blocks.

In that moment like a flash of the future, I saw three little ones in front of me. Three scooters and helmets, two blue and one pink, taking off ahead of us on the sidewalk and my heart actually started to ache.

This is all going to be over so quickly. The three of them will be off, like rockets, out on their own in no time.

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  1. G-Aunt Debra says:

    And what a beautiful sight it will be. ❌❤️❌❤️

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